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If Fox Sports Bay Area (Ch. 59) doesn't have the game that your looking for, it may be on the "Plus" channel. You will find that on Ch. 91 when it is active.


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Lucas Valley Cable--your one-stop solution to data, communications, and electronic entertainment:

Lucas Valley Cable to Stop Operations

(The following letter was mailed to all Lucas Valley Cable customers. Some additional material is provided here.)


Dear Loyal Customers,

After 13 years of doing business in the Lucas Valley community, we regret to announce that Lucas Valley Cable, Inc. will discontinue operations on October 10, 2014, the date on which our contract with the LVHA expires. This has been a difficult decision, but a necessary one. With increasing costs and competition from other Internet and TV services in the community (most recently Comcast), a small company such as ours simply cannot sustain itself.

As some of you might remember, it was through the vision and dedication of Carl Naegele and Herb Drake back in 2001 that Lucas Valley Cable, Inc. was founded to provide broadband Internet (and later digital TV service) to the community when there was no other Internet service available. With a few rough patches, we have managed to stay in business for these last 13 years, due in large part to Carl and Herb's hard work and commitment to the neighborhood. Since Carl's untimely death in 2005, Herb Drake has been the backbone of this company, maintaining operations, and as you all know, quick to help and provide service whenever there was a problem. It has ben a labor of love for us all.

With the quarter ending September 30, we are sending you the enclosed invoice for the period October 1 10, 2014. Please use the simple calculation on the invoice to determine the prorated amount you owe for these ten days. We expect your check before Sept. 30 for continued service.

We thank all of you, our dear customers, for your continued loyalty as everyone transitions to new providers in our community. It has been a genuine pleasure to serve all of you, and we appreciate your support and friendship as we wind down our operations.




Betty Naegele, President
Lucas Valley Cable, Inc.



Local TV Stations Will Remain on the Cable

The LVHA Board voted to continue providing the basic Bay Area TV channels on the cable for at least six months. That includes all local digital (HD/SD) channels and the following analog Channels on analog form: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11. Customers who only watch these local channels need not make any changes for TV.

Vendors Serving the Lucas Valley Community*






Xfinity (Comcast)

YES (May not be available on Mt. Rainier, Mt. Mckinley, Mt. Zephyr, Mt. Burney, Mt. Tioga, Oak Mtn, Mt Hood and Rubicon, by October 11 due to construction delays.)

YES (50 Mbps)


AT&T U-verse

YES (Not available at all addresses)

YES (typically 6 Mbps)


Dish Network

YES (Southern exposure required for rooftop dish)

YES, through a partner (AT&T?)

YES through a partner (AT&T)


YES (Southern exposure required for rooftop dish)

YES through a partner (AT&T)

YES through a partner (AT&T)

Web Perception


YES (10 and 25 Mbps).. You must be able to see the TV tower in CSA13 from your roof**

NO (Available with Internet from Vonage and other VoIP providers)

Cell Site Internet
Contact your cell phone provider to see whether a wireless-to-network adaptor is available.


YES. Requires good cell phone connection from your home.


*Note: We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information in the above table.

**The tower appears in different places on the ridge depending on where you are standing. See photo, below.

Other Considerations

Email. We are working with a third party who we expect to take over the and Internet domains. If your present email address is important to you, you can sign up to receive very high quality fee-based email service for each of your current email addresses featuring SSL, more server space, improved spam filtering, Internet privacy, etc. If this interests you, please send a separate email to from each of the email addresses you want to keep. Do this before September 30, otherwise your or email service will cease on October 11.

Web Site and Domain Name Hosting. There are two aspects to running a web site: Domain Name hosting and server space that provides the web site itself. Some of our customers have one but not the other, some have both. We will cooperate in the process to move your domain name to a third party (e.g.,,, and they may be able to host your web content as well. Please begin the process of moving your web site and domain name now to ensure uninterrupted service.

Telephone. Your Lucas Valley Cable telephone service will stop on October 11. If you want continued telephone service with the same number, begin by contacting your new provider and make that request. It may take several days to transfer a telephone number, so begin this process early. You do not need to contact LVC unless you do not wish to keep your number; once we initiate a disconnect of a telephone number from our end, it will be impossible for your new provider to recover the number.

Equipment Return. Your cable modem, router, and telephone device, where present, belong to you. Please do not return these. If you have a rented cable box, we will need these to be returned. You can call, leave voicemail (259-5856) or send email ( ) to let us know times (Mondays, Wednesday, Saturdays) that we can pick those up. Or you can simply return them to our office 40 Pikes Peak Drive. If you have a TiVo with one of our M-Cards, you will need to return the M-Card; your new provider will give you a replacement card for your TiVo.

Status Updates

Please go to our status page for system updates.