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If Fox Sports Bay Area (Ch. 59) doesn't have the game that your looking for, it may be on the "Plus" channel. You will find that on Ch. 91 when it is active.


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Status Updates

Please go to our status page for system updates.

TV Channel Changes in August

Three changes in programming took place in August.

457: The Speed Channel has been renamed Fox Sports 1.

484: The Halcion Channel has been renamed Pivot.

401. Currnet was purchased by Al Jazeera America.

All three of these channels require a cable box or TiVo with CableCARD. A subscription to the Digital Variety Pak is also required. The printed TV Channel Lineup Sheets have been updated -- links appear in the left-hand column.

Local HD Channel Issues

We've noticed very intermittent problems on some local HD channels. The intermittent nature of these problems make them very difficult to diagnose, but we will try to get a handle on the problem as soon as possible. The workaround, of course, is the analog versions of the local channels (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11).


Considering TiVo? Read this first!

Many of our customers enjoy two-tuner TiVo boxes instead of traditional cable boxes. But TiVo has recently introduced a new unit with four tuners -- meaning that you can record four programs simultaneously. These new units are NOT a good choice on Lucas Valley Cable because they lack an analog tuner. That is, they will only work on the digital channels on the cable. Many programs on our system continue to be analog (those without a decimal point in their channel number). CNN, CSNBA, CNBC, Cartoon Network, just to name a few) and are not available on the 4-tuner TIVo. Purchase the TiVo Premier, which has two analog and digital tuners, instead.

Wireless Upgrade -- You May Qualify for a Free Wireless Router!

There has been enormous interest in wireless recently, especially due to tablet computers and smart phones. Lucas Valley Cable has various options to give you the wireless performance that you need.

When you order a wireless upgrade from Lucas Valley Cable,

  1. We will help you decide on the best wireless solution considering your coverage area (wireless router or separate wireless access point).
  2. We will install and set up your system with an appropriate encryption method to protect your privacy.
  3. We will replace any failed router or access point that we install as long as you continue your service.

If you are presently using our Legacy or Basic plan, an upgrade to our Plus Internet plan or higher entitles you to a free wireless router. There is no special installation charge for wireless upgrades that can be accomplished by adding a router. If we recommend a separate access point and you agree with that recommendation, we will provide both the access point and a power-over-ethernet kit for a combined cost of $129 plus tax (wiring to the access point is extra if required).

Please give us a call at 259-5856 or email if you would like to discuss a wireless upgrade.

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Save with Digital Premiums

No matter what kind of TV that you may have, the new digital premiums can save you money.

Customers who have updated to digital premiums are paying $5 less than those who are still using old HBO, Show time and TMC (Channels 14, 16, 18, and 20). Of course you need a set-top box to receive the digital premiums, but the monthly savings for just these three premiums go a long way toward the rental of one set-top box.

Now consider the other advantages that the set-top box brings to those who have updated to digital premiums:

  • Premium channels have much clearer picture and sound. Analog premiums use a scrambling method that removes most of the detail from the picture--a problem that digital premiums solve.
  • Access to the digital versions of 22 of our analog channels.
  • More premium choices. Rather than just one Showtime channel, you get 11 showtime channels, for example.
  • A program guide that tells you what's on each channel on the system-- plus a synopsis of each program. And the program guide works for all your channels! Not just the premiums.
  • Free access to the 37 commercial-free digital music channels that are on the cable.
  • The ability to add the Digital Variety Pak for an additional $11.99/mo (44 digital-quality channels).
  • The ability to add the HD Pak for an additional $4.99/mo (22 HD channels -- Digital Varieity Pak required).
  • An analog tuner that can extend the range of old TV sets not capable of tuning to channel 90 and above.

Savings are even greater for those taking advantage of our Max Pak, which includes all premiums plus the Variety Pak for a single price of $52/mo ($83/mo total when including the required Expanded TV service).


Not Using an E-Mail Account?

In the event that you abandon an active e-mail account, please let us know so we can disable it.

Abandoned accounts still receive mail, creating a significant load on our server. This is especially problematic when the in box for the account become full and the server is forced to deal with bounced messages and re-try attempts.

When we see evidence that an account has been abandoned (failure to pick up mail for an extended period of time), we may disable it. To re-activate a disabled account, just let us know and we will do so. Likewise, if you plan to be away for an extended time and do not plan to pick up mail, please let us know so we can avoid disabling the account.